May First Release!


Here’s a glimpse of what happens Wednesday, May 1  at Eternal Press

Releasing Authors will be on hand to promote their new titles — go to 

First session is at 2PM EDT

 Second Session is at 7PM EDT

Drop by and say hello to the Authors.  Invite a friend…

I’ll try to make it to the early session but I might have to be in two places at the same time to manage it because I’m making arrangements for a new show of my oil paintings to hang on campus at the University of California Santa Barbara. 

However I do plan to pop in at the second session. Not only that but Isobelle Winter will be with me launching her first book, a steampunk science fiction novel entitled Weather about a snarky reluctant hero whose entire world is shifting under his feet even as he believes he’s finally got a handle on it. Yes, Isobelle is our daughter, but what’s fun is that she submitted her manuscript to Eternal Press under another name, so as far as I know, they had no clue we were related until after they sent the contract. Then she decided to share my pen surname. So here we come, a dog and pony show– but don’t ask me who’s the pony! Makes me chuckle.

     I find myself thinking about all the people writers and friends and family who helped bring Future Past to publication. Thank you all. This book has a particular significance to me though I knew that most readers may shy away from the main character. But the world I depict him living in approximates the one I anticipate, with human kind making many drastic changes to lifestyle and expectations, creating  floating urban blocks, eating a reduced diet, with pure water as the most sought after prestigious drink available. Adapting to the circumstances we forge in our world now.

Before I forget to mention it, I did a blog interview with fellow Eternal Press author Leanna Harrow, which you can find here:

 Now I will take a deep breath and try to get myself in order for release day.

After that I will be appearing May 11 on the afternoon science fiction panel at the Pasadena LitFest.  For more information on this free event with thousands of readers and writers, here’s that link: 


See you soon?





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