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I’m posting this one because I came across it in the pursuit of something quite different. However it illustrates what I think portraits should do– depict body language more than features, and give a sense of context. Here are three people I know well, exploring the land they love.

B, Robt and Nancy


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Perspective is Everything

Giant cat and tiny cat

I took this photo of two of our cats a few days ago and had no idea until I downloaded it what a funny and deceptive image had resulted. The flame and snow cat weighs about fourteen pounds. The little tabby blotch is near nine pounds. In this picture however, despite their very normal proportions in reality, we get a Giant cat and a Tiny cat. Compare the apparent size of their heads!

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Rhubarb Custard Pie

2016-06-10 11.51.26


Oxalic acid is where rhubarb¬†derives its flavor– this is concentrated to toxic levels in the root and the leaf so discard those. If you have any problem with kidney stones rhubarb is not your friend– it binds calcium. So making a rhubarb custard pie actually makes sense. Some folk like the pie sweeter than the following recipe but the usual store rhubarb you buy is much lower in acid than the old-fashioned Victoria and such. All that said, here’s the recipe:


4 cups chunked rhubarb (3/4 inch pieces more or less)

1 1/4 cups sugar mixed with 2 TB flour and a dash salt

3 beaten eggs

1/4 tsp fresh ground nutmeg

1 Tb lemon


Toss the above together and bake in a regular pie crust, (with a top– lattice is pretty but I never have the time) at 400 Farenheit for about 50 minutes until tender.

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