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Nanowrimo is here!

What?‘ you say– ‘how is that pronounced and is it something really really small… and give me a definition, please.

No, this nano doesn’t mean something tiny. Quite the opposite. It’s national novel writing month, during which people who sign on, aspire to produce anything over 50,000 words of a narrative between a minute after midnight on November 1 and midnight of November 30th. That comes out to approximately 1,667 words a day.

Now you notice I wrote “a narrative”. That can be complicated. I started on the novel I thought I’d write on the first day and made about 980 words. Guess what? Wrong novel. That wasn’t the one I was ready to write. So on day two, I erased my word count and began again, hitting something over 3,000 words on that second day. It’s a good sign I could start running like that, but as all nanowrimo folk know, it’s no guarantee. Yesterday I had other things to do, but still managed over 3,000 words in the roughly four hours I had for writing. Today it’s 10:50AM and I’ve only created 228 words. Aaargh!

Wish me luck, please. My working title is Living with the Enemy and here’s the synopsis and my patch cover.

What does a twelve year old girl in So Cal want? To belong to the right group, have a safe home, feel accepted. Wynn has one of these taken from her when her parents split, and the other two threatened when she’s farmed out part-time to the wrong people. Staying week-nights at Juniper’s house isn’t on her list of reasonable choices. That family eats weird food, reads too many books, plus, they don’t have cable.

 You have to avoid differences in sixth grade, you need to have the right sandwich bread in your lunch, the correct brand of sneakers, watch the popular shows. Wynn knows that, even if Juniper’s parents don’t. Then the TV screen at school on a Tuesday morning shows smoke pluming from two towers in New York on September eleventh. The United States of America has been invaded, our tolerance for differences will never be the same.

Behind the warm cookies and fat black cat at Juniper’s house lie secrets. Hidden visitors move in the hallway, doors and windows open and close to conceal something… or someone? Why does Juniper’s mother work late on a computer whose screen displays elaborate non-American words– and why does she change that screen every time Wynn happens to come in? Is Wynn living with terrorists planning the next attack? For the kids at school there are sides to choose and dramas to feed, with consequences they cannot even imagine. For the girl who can’t go home, there’s no way out of this dark puzzle, except through. One step at a time.

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A little time with pencils and paper


So here is our Daft Wee Willie Wilberforce in pencil. I was talking with a visiting friend, discussing sketches. When I stepped out into our passageway I saw that another friend who recently lost her artistically gifted and active husband, had kindly dropped off a bundle of his pencils in case I might be able to use them. Here are a few results.


Watson’s stripes.


Watson before he moved on to make some mischief.


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Perspective is Everything

Giant cat and tiny cat

I took this photo of two of our cats a few days ago and had no idea until I downloaded it what a funny and deceptive image had resulted. The flame and snow cat weighs about fourteen pounds. The little tabby blotch is near nine pounds. In this picture however, despite their very normal proportions in reality, we get a Giant cat and a Tiny cat. Compare the apparent size of their heads!

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Seventeen has gone up

So for those of you following the story, the seventeenth chapter has been posted on

and you can have your next bit of reading.

In the meantime I have to speak of the young cats. Every so often the Little Watson will spring out from hiding by the corner of our bed, bounding forward on two legs with his front paws outspread, wagging his round head at me. It’s utterly charming, though I am not entirely certain what he means by it. Then he drops and dashes, and oft as not tags me on my ankles before flirting away.

3 cats and a toy.JPG

As for Holmes? He comes and drapes himself over my arm or my lap when I am sitting at the computer and makes conversational mews that are both plaintive and multi-syllabic. He is one of the clumsiest cats I have ever met, a clown in silky black and white with eyes undecided between amber and green. Not really hazel because it seems that the colors are patchy, not truly mixed. He adores Kitsune– think of a besotted fan. He tries to lie on Kit, smooch with Kit, sit next to Kit, lean on Kit…and Kitsune? He will play upon occasion but quickly feels he has done enough, or even too much and takes his leave with his young follower chasing after him.

I caught grousing Daft Wee Willie lying on the couch with Watson today– when he saw me enter his orange face acquired an alarmed expression as though he felt his position untenable. His paws were actually touching the kitten…WWW cat snoozing.JPG

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