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a story to tell

I am considering starting a story on my other site– robin It’s a novel, about 350 pages. I hope to start in a week or two. Science Fiction, with a main character who at the first is a young woman, but is roughly 25 years of age by the end. The plan is that I will publish a chapter at regular intervals, with accompanying illustrations or illuminations, or sometimes just a sketch. Free, so those of you who have or have not not read my books can enjoy the story and characters, for no better reason than this– I love them. I wrote this novel for my daughter, who had a gnarly time in fifth grade. This story was my answer to her. You know how all kids want to read about the future, so this is why the characters are so much older than her age at that time. I will continue my blog here, with other items and essays, but I will repeat at intervals my invitation to join me in a story that still haunts my dreams and makes me smell the scent of a pine fire and potatoes roasting while the leathery sound of scaw wings haunt the outer darkness beyond the Wall.


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A few images

Wall RMG 1366

These paintings all are recent work. I’ve had a ‘flu and still feel sticky-brained, so I figured it was time to share some of these instead of words.


A Walk RMG 1374


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