On to Ramsey Canyon

We drove to Phoenix, about an eight hour journey in our rental, and after a few days there, collected the kid (she’s twenty four so that is a little bad of me, but she is forgiving,) and headed to our Ramsey Canyon weekend, theoretically four hours away. It was an easier trip than expected and we drove in earlier than anticipated.

A rushing stream between high sided rock walls was the first and most important note. We had been too long in drought struck Southern California, and the sight and sound of clear water generously racing along its way was riveting. One had to cross the bridge over the stream to reach our rooms, a main room with a couch bed and kitchen and a bedroom with bath.


We settled in and took a quick hike up the canyon, which required our passage through the friendly hands and hallway of the Nature Conservancy’s building. The Conservancy monitors  the upper part of the canyon and all visitors must be out by five o’clock to give the true residents, the animals, a break. After our brief walk and a delighted plunder of the Nature Conservancy bookstore, we went back to the Inn and had pie– warm cherry pie, before sitting and reading our books.


As dusk fell, Bruce put our chicken sausages on the outside grill already set up for our convenience. While he cooked, I looked up at a movement and squeaked with glee. There walked a hog-nosed skunk across our bridge! I am one of those children who grew up on the little nature guides edited by Herbert Zim and I knew I had seen this creature in the pages of his book on Mammals. A new mammal for my life list. This is not an every day occurrence. My family had to endure many squeaks and chortles of glee from me for the rest of the evening.



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2 responses to “On to Ramsey Canyon

  1. Jon Moore

    What about the various hummingbirds, rose-throated becard, elegant trogon, scrub jays, acorn woodpeckers, and such along the trails and around the feeders at the cabins? One of the big reasons I went to Ramsey Canyon was the birding. Don’t forget to go to Sonoita Creek, only place I’ve ever seen Gray Hawks.

    • You’re ahead of me! We were there in one of the quieter seasons, so what I have is a list of lovely insects new to me, three new mammals and many birds– four hummingbirds new to my life list! Yes. We had a great time. I plan to spin out this adventure at least one more blog post– time will tell.

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