A Brief Episode

We were in a store in the little city when we heard car horns tooting, as though more than one driver might be angry. One of the shop clerks, a skinny young man, hurried outside. When we went out we found three people in the stream of traffic, (and this is a four-lane section of divided city street,) trying to reach and comfort a scared white poodle-type dog. He finally came to ground between the legs of one woman in the street– she and our clerk brought him to the shore, and thence into the store where he could be kept safe until arrangements might be made. Scared middle-sized dog, a couple years old I’d guess, but apparently no collar or identifying materials which makes me fear he was discarded by someone not worthy of the name ‘human’. But the people who stepped into a dangerous situation and controlled it with authority and compassion, and reassured a frightened animal full of panic, deserve all the praise I can give.


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