Shades of Faucet S & M

bathroom faucet

bathroom2 faucet

the itemunder restraint 1under restraint2

So if you wonder what are these people doing to their faucets, I won’t blame you. Faucets in boxes, faucets under restraint– a bit kinky, don’t you think? Shades of S & M?

We let the young kittens and the big cats out of our bedroom this morning, feed them and go back to the bedroom to snooze, it being a weekend. About an hour later the rioting little animals have not allowed us much of a snooze and we decide to get up and face the day. I’m dressing and I hear husband say “That’s scary.”

Not what you want to hear on a slow Saturday morning. I go rushing out.

“The hot water,” he says,”in the hallway bathroom. I came out to turn on the tea kettle and heard the tap gushing away, full bore. Bathroom sink.”

I turn pale to match him. We are in a Stage Three Drought here…how long was that water gushing freely down the drain? What’s this water bill going to look like? How long did we really snooze?

Here are the culprits and their big friend:

three cats

Sweet, quiet, smiling. Butter wouldn’t melt, right?


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