Chili baked fish


I figure it’s time to share another recipe. The white-fleshed Pacific rockfish is my fish of choice for this recipe, because we can get it locally fished and it’s a sustainable harvest fish with a fine clean taste and firm texture.  Salmon gives a different taste, but is great in this combination too. Disclaimer– the fish illustrated is neither salmon nor rockfish, but a quick sketch of a rosefish, simply because I like the way rosefish look.

Chili fish (rockfish or salmon)

bunch of fresh cilantro, washed and shaken dry

greens from a bunch of scallions

tablespoon of pasilla chiles or other dark hot chili powder

about two tablespoons or three of seasoned rice wine vinegar

Put all the above ingredients in a food processor and chop to a slurry. Pat over a pound or two of fish in oven-proof pan,  (non-metallic surface,) and bake at about 350F until barely done, just past translucent.


Leftovers make a splendid fish chowder. Saute onions until translucent, add and slow cook a handful of sliced or diced red potatoes ’til tender, then add one can coconut milk and a teaspoon turmeric. Add salt to taste and possibly a dollop of honey. Taste again, perhaps put in a dash of rice wine vinegar to bring up a slight sharpness. Last minute, add left over fish to heat through before serving.



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5 responses to “Chili baked fish

  1. This sounds good. I have all of the ingredients except the fish.

    • I like the simplicity– I can throw this combination together on a shopping night when the fish is at its freshest, and put away the other groceries while it bakes.

  2. I am going to try this with a Rainbow trout and my smoker……..sounds delicious I am just looking for things to try in my smoker!!! 🙂

  3. So it worked with Rainbow trout? I’m glad–sounds great!

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