the book is free!

March 1 through 4  are the dates–
In case you missed the chance before, here you are. My novel Night Must Wait is a free Kindle download today through March 4 ! Just go to 
If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle app. here for your computer:
Once you download the Kindle app., you can buy ebooks and read them on your computer without actually owning a Kindle. 
Enjoy, and if you believe in encouragement to writers, reviews are important… not just for me but for any and all writers you read. Reviews on blogs, on Amazon, on Goodreads –they don’t have to be all positive either. Most of us continue to write, we’ve got new books on the way, and we want to keep refining our skills. We want to become better and more evocative, so let us know what you think. Sometimes we may nod ruefully in agreement, having already seen the problem within a story, but if you surprise us with an insight about what didn’t work for you, or what did, you’ve given us a priceless gift.
Above all, please try to give us feedback we can work with, feedback to build on. Thank you for sharing our stories.

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